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Ben's Expediting Trucking

Cargo & Sprinters Vans,
48 wide X 72 high.
0-3,600 Lbs.
8ft – 14ft in Length.

Ben's Expediting LTL

Small Straight Truck.
84 wide X 77 high.
3,600 – 15,000 Lbs.
14ft – 18ft in Length.

Ben's Expediting LTL

Large Straight Truck.
96 wide X 100 high.
upto 3,600 lbs.
20ft – 26ft in Length.

Over 13 Years of Experience

Your fast friendly reliable expediting dedicated to run for you When time is of the essential in transportation of goods, LEAVE THE TENSION TO US Whether your consignment is big or small.our Fleet is equipped to handle it with care and speed(pronto). BensExpediting has ,throughout the years delivered unmatched service at the best price On time . In lake county we can pick up you consignment with in 30 to 45 minute. BEN'SEXPEDITING INC WAS STARTED IN 1999


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